Fujita overseas is one of the quality and service-oriented placement and consulting company ’. It was founded in the year 2015, with a sincere expectation to help, mainly the poor & unemployed mass of our society. Our homeland, Bangladesh is a populous country and has huge surplus manpower, but the majority of which are unskilled, thus we have planned to develop this manpower and utilize these improved Human Resources in optimum possible ways, which has been precisely spelled out in our Vision, Mission & Objectives:

Our Vision

Optimum utilization of the huge manpower potential of Bangladesh by developing their skills and by providing proper employments in abroad, as well as in the country, which in turn will reduce the poverty of the general mass and thus enhance the economic development of our country in particular and the entire world in general.

Our Objectives

In order to realize the above mission, our objectives are as follows, which must be achieved and are being implemented devotedly:
Supply skilled and experienced manpower in bulk to the clients abroad, as well in the country, as per the requirements of the clients.
Maintain the database of skilled and experienced manpower and also keeping contact with them for better placement.
Provide training to the unskilled & unemployed youths with an aim to turn them into skilled workers.
Provide jobs abroad to the skill, semi-skill & un-skill workers.
Manage and operate International Standard Training & Testing Centers.
Provide all sorts of support in developing Human Resources and utilizing them by providing jobs abroad, as well as in the country.
Provide Management planning & consultancy.
Provide Human Resource Management planning & consultancy.

Our Motto

A person having skill & efficiency in any discipline is more confident in performing his job and becomes more demanding, as well as more effective & valuable to his employer. As such we have preferred the maxim as our motto.


Our Mission

“To arrange employments for the vast unemployed workforce of Bangladesh, abroad, as well as in the country and thus contribute to the enhancement of the economy of the country.”

Our Pledge

The demand for trained, skilled, efficient & experienced hand is there, in every field & in every country, more so in the developed and rapidly developing countries
The standard of living is high and peoples are comparatively more educated in those countries, as such, they prefer the jobs involving less physical labor. As a result, these countries are in want of physical labor-oriented workers.
On the other hand, in poor countries and less developed countries, the standard of living is poor, the unemployment rate is higher, peoples are less educated and thus they have no option, other than to go for physical labor-oriented jobs, either in their own country or abroad. Our homeland, Bangladesh falls in the second category, having a very large population in comparison to its area & other resources.
As such for earning a livelihood, a good number has to go for a labor-oriented job; even then a big number remains unemployed.
Thus by providing training to this unemployed manpower, it is possible to convert then into a huge skilled workforce, which can become a significant source of foreign currency for the country, it could be exported in the countries of requirement. With this consideration, the Eastern Resource Management Services Limited is working relentlessly to provide training to the unemployed youths, with an aim to turn them into skilled workers – the most valuable resource and then employ them in the countries of demand, which will certainly change an economic lot of this country. It is only the skilled and efficient youths working untiringly can develop the economy & fulfill the dream of ‘poverty-free new world’.

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